Saturday, February 21, 2015


My new Dell C6100 has arrived.

This is a 4 blade blade-server type setup. It's got 4 blades, which operate as completely independent computers with some shared hardware, like the harddrive back-plain, shared power supplies, and cooling infrastructure.

Each blade has 6 2.5 inch harddrive bays, for a total of 24.
Each blade has 2 Intel Xeon processors. Each processor has 6 full cores, supporting 12 simultaneous hyper-threads, for a total of 24 cores per blade.
Each blade supports a maximum of 96 gigs of ram, with this particular server populated with 48 GB of ram per blade via 6x 8GB chips.
Each blade supports 1 small form-factor PCI expansion card. Not sure what I'll be adding.

Front view.
 Top view

 Side view

Interestingly, each of the four blades can be individually ejected, even while the others are powered on and in use. Same with the power supplies, allowing for continuity of service

First view of the inside.
 Popped out one of the power supplies. Upside down view of the label.
 The connector supplies power to the motherboard.
 Power cable goes here! They provide a nice little handle that you can use to pop it out.
 Each blade can be pulled out individually, and here's how it looks.
 Two x two blades
 Here's the connectors for the power supplies.
Power supplies just hanging out.
Motherboard connection to the shared power bus.
Cleaned up the cable management a bit after I took the other pictures.

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